Author: mtamberg

When I said my prayers last night, I forced myself to give thanks for liquor and lice. Yes, liquor and lice; indisputably the two greatest challenges ...

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What Matters Most

This was originally published on Mamalode She responds within minutes to my post on Craigslist, visibly grateful to have stumbled upon such a terrific...

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On Strollers & Car Seats

It’s not often that I find myself at a loss for words. I’m a writer, after all; words are my lifeblood. Normally they course through me li...

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Beyond Words

This story is my first contribution to the blogging group, Finish the Sentence Friday. This week’s writing prompt is: “In 2015, I learned….” I...

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Rediscovering The Write Stuff

Written in December 1998 A rose by any other name … just doesn’t smell as sweet. At least not to my 3-year-old son Tanner, who was planted...

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A Rose By Any Other Name


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