I am Melissa Tamberg-Heffron. Mother, wife, coupon-clipper, chauffer, cook, house cleaner, baseball aficionado, cheerleader for my three kids’ activities and … oh yeah, a writer.

A writer by profession (I’m a former newspaper reporter-turned-marketing professional), I spend much of my day constructing customer testimonials, configuring web site copy, and composing technology-based blogs and articles.

It pays the bills, but I often find my creativity stifled.  Not only is an unfinished novel gathering dust on my external hard drive, but I have so many fleeting thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences that pop into my head, only to be left dangling by a lack of time to put pen to paper (or keyboard to World Wide Web, as the case may be).  There are countless Mommy moments I would love to share — times I feel wowed or proud or blessed or exasperated — but until now, I’ve had no forum by which to communicate.

So I am creating this blog as a cherished corner where I can give myself permission to simply muse. I can’t promise how often I will find the time to post my sometimes-rambling thoughts, but at least I now have a spot to share. My goal is to preserve these special moments and sentiments like a written photograph. Along the way, I hope my writings might inspire or touch or validate those who stop to read them.  I welcome all of your feedback and comments!


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