I am Melissa Tamberg-Heffron. Mother, wife, coupon-clipper, chauffer, cook, house cleaner, baseball aficionado, cheerleader for my three kids’ activities and … oh yeah, a writer.

A writer by profession (I’m a former newspaper reporter-turned-marketing professional), I spend much of my day constructing customer testimonials, configuring web site copy, and composing technology-based blogs and articles.

It pays the bills, but I often find my creativity stifled.  Not only is an unfinished novel gathering dust on my external hard drive, but I have so many fleeting thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences that pop into my head, only to be left dangling by a lack of time to put pen to paper (or keyboard to World Wide Web, as the case may be).  There are countless Mommy moments I would love to share — times I feel wowed or proud or blessed or exasperated — but until now, I’ve had no forum by which to communicate.

So I am creating this blog as a cherished corner where I can give myself permission to simply muse. I can’t promise how often I will find the time to post my sometimes-rambling thoughts, but at least I now have a spot to share. My goal is to preserve these special moments and sentiments like a written photograph. Along the way, I hope my writings might inspire or touch or validate those who stop to read them.  I welcome all of your feedback and comments!


2 thoughts on “Who’s Musing

  1. Amazing Melissa, your gift with words is inspiring. Although I’m sure it was hard to share your latest entry with your Facebook friends, it ‘reset my compass’. Perspective is everything. Thank you for sharing my talented friend.

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