Throughout my career as a journalist, my work has been published in a variety of publications, from newspapers to magazines to the online blogging community.

See My Work On Ravishly

See My Work On Mamalode ML_published_badge_black

See My Work on Grown & Flown

See My Work On Military Spouse Parenting Team Parenting Contributor

I also write technology and power-related pieces for Eaton. See my work on The Plug

I have also written for the following newspapers:

  • The San Diego Union-Tribune
  • San Diego Commerce
  • Poway News-Chieftain


I have contributed to the following magazines:

  • San Diego Parent
  • Military Spouse
  • LA Parent
  • Bay Area Parent
  • Big Apple Parenting Paper
  • Restaurateur of San Diego Magazine
  • Cats Magazine
  • EdTech
  • G Solutions
  • NetComm
  • FedTech

100 thoughts on “My Work

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